How to send a PDF file to a WhatsApp group in PHP

Using the WhatsMate WhatsApp Gateway REST API

This article shows you how to send a document (e.g. a PDF file, an MP4 file, a WAV file, etc.) to a WhatsApp group in PHP.

To send a PDF document to a WhatsApp group in PHP, do this:

  1. First, learn how to send a simple text message to a group on the official site.
  2. With the above knowledge, you can now download our sample code.
  3. Locate the file php/send-pdf-group.php.
  4. Study the PHP source code and customize the TODO/FIXME lines.
    • Among other things, you must name your group creatively. Otherwise, the group may not receive the message.
  5. Visit the PHP page your just created to send the PDF file to your group.

Happy coding :)